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Amazing Dunninger Mind Reading Game Discounts Apply !
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Amazing Dunninger Mind Reading Game
Another fine example of BS in a box! But what a beautiful box! Based on 'extensive research' so it MUST be real! My eyes glazed over before I got through the second paragraph but I think this would be more fun as a drinking game anyway. Includes instructions for 'Advanced Play' and 'Further Advanced Play'! From the 'hints on Concentration' in the instructions: 'Certain senders may transmit more efficiently by closing their eyes to aid in visualizing the impression to be transmitted. Others prefer to concentrate on Dunninger's image on the game board to aid in sending his mental picture.' What an ass! Game is complete and intact save for 3 pages of the 'score pad' being used. Contents are in great condition. Box top has split corners but is otherwise nice. Hasbro, 1967.
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Price: $20.00

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